Mr. Marco Baccani

An expert in the tax and business field, he is a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of numerous companies, including some listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and of regional or city-owned companies.
He is an expert in the bankruptcy field, in bankruptcy proceedings in general, contracts and amicable settlement of proceedings and has acted as the sole arbiter and member of arbitration committees.

Mr. Salvatore Fiorenza

After a decade of experience matured in the world’s most important audit firms, he has provided Italian and foreign companies with tax, business and organisational consultancy, particularly specialising in the field of international taxation.
Registered in the Association of Technical Consultants of the Court of Milan, he has drawn up numerous expert opinions on the topic of company audit and valuation.

Mr. Ferdinando Ramponi

An expert in the administrative, tax and legal fields particularly specialised in the real estate industry.
A consultant to companies that belong to major multinational groups.
A Member of the Board of Directors and member of the Board of statutory auditors of various companies working both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Massimo Rho

He has many years of experience as a business and tax consultant also in extraordinary transactions.
Auditor, Technical Consultant to the judge at the Court of Milan, regular member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of several major companies.

Mr. Federico Baccani

Expert in national and international taxation, on business law and in fiscal disputes.
He fills the office of Director and Auditor of numerous companies and bodies.
He has also gained considerable experience in drawing up accounting and fiscal due diligence and has covered executive roles at the Court of Milan.